Other cool people

we have worked with...

Over the years, we have collaborated with many many talented people at weddings...And we'd love to introduce these people to you. Their services are beyond amazing.

The quality of work comes from their passion for wedding and love. if you are looking for services like these, trust me and don't hesitate to check them out. 


Wedding Planner: 

- Andrea Neame (Elegant-events, Vancouver, B.C.) www.elegant-events.ca  Tel: 604-760-2206 Email: elegant-events@shaw.ca


Make-up Artists/Hair specialists: 

- Lawrence Hon (Hair and Make-up, Vancouver, B.C.) www.lawrencehonartistry. com Tel: 604-351-6789 Email: LH@lawrencehonartistry.com

- Kiki (Hair and Make-up, Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, B.C.) kikixiangmakeupart.com/index.html

- Elizabeth Mcleod (Hair and Make-up, Vancouver, B.C.) www.elizabethm.ca Tel: 604-790-0768 Email: e.mcleod@live.ca


- Granville Island Florist        http://www.gifvancouver.com/ 

- Hillary Miles Flowers Ltd.   http://www.hilarymiles.com/


- Kismet Creative:            https://kismetcreative.ca/

- Beautiful Life Studio:    http://beautifullifestudios.com/

- Love Story Media:         https://www.facebook.com/lovestoryweddingfilms/