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Over a decade, we have taken our passion to document weddings across the old American continent.  Our footprints have been to all corners of this beautiful land and sea to capture the ever lasting emotions.

About Us


Photography is a perfect combination of precise optical physics and art.

My photography is about hunting for timeless and emotional moments. I believe creativity is one of the most precious gifts of human beings, and I intend to do the best I can to flourish it in my own words.

The core of my photography is the pursuit of contrast; the contrast of colour and light, and the contrast of content. I believe the world is made up of a perfect blend of opposite elements. When they blend properly, magic will happen and the result will be stunning.




When he is not taking pictures at weddings, Tyler can be found writing philosophy papers.

Tyler is based in Victoria, BC, but grew up in the Vancouver Area. He has a fly on the wall style and specializes in candids and unique momentary shots. About half of Tyler’s pictures are taken without him looking through the viewfinder.

reading books on the beautiful BC beaches on Vancouver Island, or taking some long exposure pictures along the coastline.

Tyler’s photographic experience runs from Weddings to Red Bull DJ competitions, Warped Tour, grocery store chains, Billy Talent at the Roxy, landscapes on film and digital, professional retouching, and fine art photographic printing for people like Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Greg Girard and Douglas Coupland. Tyler takes candid inspiration from photographers like William Klein and Henri Cartier-Bresson while also having an appreciation for the colourful and mundane from William Eggleston.




My inspirations are mostly born in the same places I explore.

As a photographer, my main objective is to deliver a unique story with each photograph I capture; one that resonates with the audience and captivates their minds.

I believes that the experiences we go through, the people we meet, and the memories we create are the foundation of a good photograph.

“Welcome to the world through my lens…”



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