About Us

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and over the years we have carried our passion to document weddings across Canada and U.S. Our foot prints have been to Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hawaii, Seattle, Mexico, Dominican Republic... and we sure want to keep this list growing! 


We thank every couple who have stopped by our page and take a moment to enjoy our unique visual journey of wedding photography.  And we truly hope that we will have the honor to document your wedding for you. =) 

Photographers' Statement

Photography is a perfect combination of precise optical physics and art.

My photography is about hunting for timeless and beautiful moments. I believe creativity is one of the most precious gifts of human beings, and I intend to do the best I can to flourish it in my own words.

The core of my photography is the pursuit of contrast; contrast of colour and light, contrast of content. I believe the world is made up of a perfect blend of opposite elements. When they blend properly, magic will happen and the result will be stunning.

— Mingyang Sun

I am just awesome. ;)
Tyler is our second talented photographer based in Vancouver and the go to person for knowledge in printing. He is a guru not just in digital photography but also in film. He also appreciates gourmet food and deep philosophical debates as well.


— Tyler James Branston

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by photography.
I would say it started when I used to look at photos of nebulae and galaxies in an astronomy book I had as a child. All those colours and unusual shapes always drew my attention. 


Something that I enjoy about photography s how one image can tell a story, and that is what I aim for: to take a photo that will tell a story by itself. Maybe that is why some of my favourite photographers are great photojournalists in whose work I seek inspiration. 

I like to look at my photos occasionally and remember where I was and what I was doing, it is like traveling back in time, without the science fiction.


— Juan Francisco


I love capturing a moment that lasts only the blink of an eye. 

I feel that spontaneous shots are the ones that carry the spark of honesty that bring an image to life. I have a special interest for bokeh, motion, dreamy landscapes, enhanced lights and shadows, the grasping of a true smile. 

My work is about seizing the essence of an emotion, a time of the day, a thought. The colour spectrum of twilight. The curious gaze of a child. The mysteries of gorges, forests and oceans. I am driven by my passion for travelling and my obsession for framing. I am ready to go far to take what I want to be a great shot.


— Jessica Gagnon